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Research Centre for Global Politics and Administration (GLOPAR)

web: kureselsiyaset@istanbul.edu.tr

Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences, 34116, Beyazit, Istanbul-Turkey

Director:  Gülay Günlük-Şenesen (gulaygs@istanbul.edu.tr )

  • Established in June 2010
  • Administration bodies: Academic staff of the Faculty of Political Sciences
  • Based at the Faculty of Political Sciences,Beyazıt,Istanbul,Turkey
  • Basic tasks:
  • Collaborate in research projects
  • Organise workshops,conferences,training programmes
  • Coordinate faculty research activities in international relations, public administration – and business administration:
    • Democratization
    • Globalisation
    • Local Administration
    • Social Policy
    • International Law
    • Administrative Law
    • Human Rights
    • Governance
    • Foreign Policy
    • Europeanization
    • Public Finance
    • Management and Organization
    • Marketing
    • Business Ethics
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Turkish Economy
    • Political Economy
    • Global Public Goods
    • Statistics
    • Migration Studies
    • Cultural Studies
    • Gender Studies
    • Urban Studies


GLOPAR aims to:

  • Analyse global political and administrative processes and their implications for Turkey with an inter-disciplinary and comparative approach.
  • Be a platform for sharing knowledge with policy-making communities and the wider public.
  • Be a medium for academics and students, providing a venue for the meeting of the variety of research interests, disciplinary approaches and backgrounds.


The process of globalisation requires us to tackle many political, economic and social problems in a transnational perspective. Turkey, strategically located at the political and cultural axis of the world, is challenged by globalization in many respects. Facing with the tremendous challenges of globalisation, it turns to be crucial for Turkey to base its domestic and foreign policies on a concrete and comparative data, which could only be attained through undertaking large-scale, interdisciplinary, international and collaborative research.

In this respect, GLOPAR aims to fulfil two key functions in Turkey’s current agenda of social science research and policy-making. Supporting research in various policy areas with comparative perspective, GLOPAR aims to be a platform of sharing knowledge with policy-making communities and the wider public. Conducting inter-disciplinary and comparative research, GLOPAR further aims to cover the traditional gap in social sciences and policy-making communities in Turkey. Hence, GLOPAR serves as a focal point for both local and international academics and students providing a venue for the meeting of a variety of research interests, disciplinary approaches and backgrounds.

GLOPAR draws its strength from its close cooperation with three departments constituting Faculty of Political Sciences namely, Political Science and Public Administration, Political Science and International Relations and Business Administration.

By pooling together the capacities of academic staff, research assistants and graduate students of a university with a rich research culture and well-established research facilities, GLOPAR aims to promote the development of an interdisciplinary environment conducive for studying and researching Turkey’s politics in the context of global changes and projections.


GLOPAR aims to contribute to the university’s research capacity in terms of:

  • Institutionalization. To form the fundamental infrastructure that is required to apply for the national and international projects (e.g. TUBITAK, European Union)
  • Team Work. Transforming the individual project experiences to coordinated team work projects and to contribute these scientific attempts by adding an inter-disciplinary perspective
  • Network. To help the researchers take place in national and international research project teams, to develop inter-disciplinary projects and to help researchers in taking place in national and international academic platforms. 
  • Improving University’s Reputation. To improve the university’s brand awareness, brand identity and brand image by increasing the academic environment’s integration with society.
  • Create Research Funding. To create funding for the inter-disciplinary and comparative research projects.
  • Train Researchers. To provide the appropriate research environment for post graduate researchers and to help undergraduate students with improving their research abilities and experiences.
  • Publication Effect. To encourage researchers to make publications.


GLOPAR aims to improve the faculty’s research capacity via the infrastructure projects provided from the outer societies of Istanbul University. The research and collaboration environment that is aimed to be developed by the context of GLOPAR activities will not only be a guide to show the assets of team work for students but also will encourage them to conduct scientific research in miscellaneous fields. By the help of the methodological information they get during the GLOPAR activities, the students will become more decisive on planning their academic careers and will be able to easily find professional opportunities through the research and development projects conducted in both the private and public sectors. A database is planned to provide data and information that is necessary to head inter disciplinary research for students.


GLOPAR aims to become a center that helps students to find internship and full time professional opportunities. In this context, by the help of the facilities GLOPAR provides students with, they are planned to take place in the processes of national and international research projects, publications, conferences and will have the opportunity of learning these processes and gaining experience. Besides, summer seminar and certificate programs are planned to be organized to help students’ specialize in various fields.



Gülay Günlük Şenesen   http://aves.istanbul.edu.tr/gulaygs/
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